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Professional Video Editing Desks

Form and function come together in Edit 5 Consoles, Inc.’s product line. All our furniture are made from heavy-duty steel and bolts and steel-reinforced casters.

The quality of our products separates us from the rest of the competition but what truly sets us apart are the sit stand features in our professional editing consoles. Our sit stand desks use electric motors to adjust the height of our desks and electronically store different user height presets-- many of our desks are height adjustable with unique user settings allowing multiple users to adjust to their unique height requirements. We also use American-made components such as Nevamar laminate and were the first company to employ a monitor bridge on a professional editing sit stand desk.

What We Offer

All our products (except for our electronic lifts) come with a one-year, no-hassle, repair-or-replace warranty for manufacturing defaults. Our electronic lifts come with a three-year warranty.


Can Handle Heavy Equipment

Our console’s monitor bridge can hold two to three monitors, as well as speakers. Serious gamers can have their Xbox, backup unit, power conditioner, and two-tower CPUs or three-desktop CPUs and laptops on the racks in order.

You can also have your 4K monitor screen on top and a Blu-ray player, cable or satellite box, and stereo on the rack-mounted shelves. Likewise, you can rack your family’s computers and attach a keyboard-video-monitor (KVM) switch and power block.

Suited for Long Hours of Work or Gaming

Our monitor bridges are ergonomically designed to keep your monitors at eye level. You can spend long hours editing or playing with ease.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Our furniture was originally designed to be rented out to the entertainment industry, so it’s easy to assemble and disassemble as many times as you want. It doesn’t have those locking cams that cheaper products of its kind have.

The desk and monitor bridge can be stored flat, and they’re 1/3 lighter than any console on the market. You can secure your high-end electronic items in the rack and roll it anywhere.


Our furniture has steel supports and curved corners bonded with reinforced rubber. It is water- and scratch-resistant, has a stain-proof finish, and has no sharp edges even inside the rack.

Can Last for Years

Our products are solid and versatile enough to last for generations. They are great investments you can pass on to your children.

If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to call our team in North Hollywood, California. We look forward to hearing from you.

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